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Song: She Will Be Loved
Artist: Luke and Aleisha
Album: fEEeEls
Played: 57,869 times.


tbh it’s almost 2014 and i’m not yet recovered of this like seriously

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At least David Gilmour had a good day today


At least David Gilmour had a good day today

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Blueberry Lemon Bread w/ Lemon Glaze


Blueberry Lemon Bread w/ Lemon Glaze

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Song: Gloria
Artist: U2
Album: October
Played: 44 times.


"Gloria, in te domine. Gloria, exultate."

Perhaps it’s because the Latin in the song reminds me of songs I’m used to singing in chorus, but this is one of my favorite U2 songs despite the fact that its subject is praise for the Lord and I do not believe there is any kind of Lord, or God, or whatever you prefer to call Him/Her/Them. However, subject matter shouldn’t matter when it’s between you and your favorite band… and truthfully, what it boils down to is that this track showcases exactly everything that U2 does best. Bono delivers his lines with unswerving passion, the kind of honesty that he always chooses to utilize. He has always preferred vulnerability and wearing his heart on his sleeve, making his opinion very well known, to hiding in soft-spoken silence (and even during the Achtung era, when it seemed a façade of debauchery had been erected between the band and the fans, still Bono always spoke out: see the Bosnia broadcasts). The lyrics are just as telling as the delivery as Bono admits he wants to “sing this song” and “stand up,” but he can’t “find [his] feet.” It takes bravery to admit that one has lost one’s way, to get rid of the pride, and Bono is completely pride-free here, kneeling humble before his God, who helps him “speak up” and feel complete.

The rest of the performance should not be undermined in the presence of Bono’s large persona. Edge’s riff is perfectly on-point and demonstrates why exactly people started falling in love with U2 in the first place. Those two chords at the end before the final chorus cut straight to my core. Larry’s intro lifts the heart and increases the sense of excitement, and perhaps most importantly, Adam’s bass solo is his utter turn to shine. I could listen to that solo forever. It’s interesting to note that while the making of this album cut a rift into the band and often made Adam feel excluded, he is given his first (and only? I can’t remember if he ever got one again) on the very first track of October. Talk about friends making it up to you.

In all, I adore “Gloria” and believe October is severely underrated. If I’m not mistaken, it was pretty uncool then (and still is now) to make a rock record dealing with faith in the Christian religion. For their second album, U2 eschewed their desire for stardom for freedom of expression and emotion, and they made the right decision.

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Song: She's The One
Artist: Robbie Williams
Album: Millenium
Played: 10 times.


Song nr8: Robbie williams - She’s the one.

I’ve been busy lately so i’ll be posting a few more songs today. Robbie Williams is by far one of my favorite childhood artists. Along with Robbie Williams, I listened a lot to Coldplay, U2 and Moby. If you have someone you really love, then show her (or him) this song ^^

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can we talk about U2 360°

U2’s biggest and more ambitious tour ever. promoting their lattest album, No Line On The Horizon (2009), the band travelled from july 2009 to june 2011, going all over the world, with the most amazing stage ever built.

I mean, look at this shit.
looks like a fucking…

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this is like the funniest toph moment ever

The first time I saw this episode I thought ‘aha yeah bc Toph’s in a rock tent’

And then I thought about it a second longer and Jesus fuckin Christ Katara